Professional Architecture & Interior Design Photographer

My background started as a young music recording artist, followed by decades as an award-winning real estate professional; both helped develop my view of structural design and interior features. 

As a photographer, I see these physical elements through the eyes of a romanticist mixed with a smattering of drama, both tempered by my reverent respect for realism and my fetish to accurately present the technical design elements of my subjects.

I prefer to use natural light as much as possible, using artificial light (e.g., strobes and constant light) only when required to bring out important features that would otherwise be obscured.


I developed my photographic style and technical skills over several decades while shooting thousands of real estate properties throughout most of the United States and beyond.

Those photos were primarily used for advertising property listings for my own brokerage firm and to visually describe the properties being analyzed in my appraisal practice.

With extensive experience developing and executing successful marketing campaigns and having won several statewide advertising awards from the New Jersey Press Association, I fully understand what captures attention and motivates people to take action.

Today my work is intended for architects, interior designers, landscape designers, builders, renovators, construction materials manufacturers and retailers, real estate agents, and others.

As an FAA Certified Part 107 UAS (drone) Pilot, I also shoot high-resolution aerial photos and video, a perspective that has become more popular in recent years.

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