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I'm Kenneth Jones

I started into photography in 1978 by shooting real estate to market my business and to advertise my company's real estate listings. Over the years I perfected my skills by shooting literally thousands of residential, commercial, and industrial properties throughout New Jersey and the United States.

In addition to being a professional photographer, I'm also an FAA Certified Part 107 UAS (drone) Pilot shooting both high-resolution photos and 4k video from my drones.

I specialize in photographing real estate and architecture for marketing and advertising purposes. I also shoot landscapes and sell fine art prints.

I shoot residential, commercial and industrial properties for real estate agents, builders, interior designers, architects, and construction materials retailers throughout New Jersey and nearby out-of-state metro areas. Contact me to discuss your project.

Benefit from My Experience

As an award-winning real estate sales and advertising professional, I know that client communication is essential for a successful business relationship. To that end, I work very closely with my clients and ask lots of questions to be sure I have a thorough understanding of how best to present your property.

My goal is to create the most visually appealing, highest quality images that represent the best image of my client's work. To assist in that goal, I use only the highest quality professional equipment for all my shoots.

real estate photographer

Real estate industry certifications and awards.

I personally edit each photo to ensure a consistent level of high quality results. When the edits are finished, I'll deliver the photos on time.

Award-Winning Real Estate

Broker Since 1971

Photographed 1,000s of Properties Throughout the U.S.

"Best Advertising in New Jersey"

Awards from the N.J. Press Ass'n

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For more information about my services, please contact me.