Ken Jones

Ken Jones, Photographer

I'm an award-winning real estate broker and a statewide real estate advertising award winner.  I know, first hand, that the key to selling real estate motivating buyers to make appointments.

My visual presentation of your listing will generate more calls and help you sell it for the best price in the shortest time-frame. (They'll also help you get more high-quality listings).

It's important to know, that when you hire me, I will be your photographer; no interns shoot or edit my photographs.

I use the highest quality professional equipment and technology, from cameras to lenses to lighting, and editing software.

I'm an FAA licensed Part 107 pilot which means I'm legally able to use an unmanned aircraft (a/k/a a "drone") to take stunning aerial photos and video that will surely "WOW" your sellers and prospective buyers (as well as prospective sellers).


My Real Estate Experience

Unlike other real estate photographers, I'm actually an award-winning professional real estate agent, broker, and appraiser with decades of award-winning real estate advertising and sales experience.

I know exactly how to present a property to captivate the emotions and motivate prospective buyers to contact you.

My multiple advertising awards from the New Jersey Press Association attest to my marketing and advertising experience, knowledge, and skill.

I've photographed literally thousands of properties of virtually every type and size throughout the US, Canada, Central America and Europe. They include luxury homes, golf courses, country clubs, hotels, major retail malls, office buildings and a wide variety of industrial uses.
Click here to take a look as some of my work.

Quick Response

As a former real estate broker, I know the importance of a quick initial response and turn-around time.

Just as important, is that I also understand the desires, demands, and stresses of the property owner and your relationship with your seller. I know how important it is for me to treat your seller clients with the dignity and respect that you expect and they deserve.

You can be sure that I'll make every effort to make every seller comfortable and that I'll do my best to help them prepare their property so it can be presented to buyers it in its most favorable light.

My Photography Career

When I opened my real estate brokerage in 1978, I became serious about becoming a quality photographer.

I knew that high-quality visual images would be essential to successfully marketing my business and my listings. So, I dedicated myself to learning how to become a professional quality photographer. But, at the time, I didn't know an f-stop from and ISO setting (a little "inside photography" humor).

My first camera was a Canon AE-1, a single lens reflex (SLR) camera that shot 35mm film which I wanted to use to photograph my listings, as well as promotional shots for my business. But, I needed to learn how to use it, first.

To become a good quality photographer, I read books, took instruction from professional photographers, and spent countless hours experimenting by taking photos of everything in sight, from every conceivable angle, and under all types of lighting conditions.

To better understand exposure and how to create various types of visual effects, I learned how to develop my own black & white film.

As my real estate photography skills improved, my career expanded into real estate appraisals where I used my photography experience to create professional images that were frequently used as courtroom exhibits to provide judges and juries a better understanding of the properties being appraised.

I continue to expand my knowledge and skills to remain on the cutting edge and to provide high quality photographs and video to every client.

I take great pride in the quality of my work. Consequently, you can be confident that I will provide you the highest level of quality and service that you'll be proud to display.

Please contact me and let's discuss how I can help you sell more real estate.